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The Nantucket County Sheriff Office understands that our public safety mission extends beyond the walls of the Office. Many Islanders host events throughout the years to get community members involved with important topics that go on on Island. Some of these events are geared towards making our youth better, our senior citizens recognized, or to shine a light on topics that are overlooked on island.

Below are some of the events the Nantucket County Sheriff Office is involved in. If you'd like to know more information on each event, continue to their website, or contact us and we can let you know more about how we are involved.

Nantucket Sheriff's Office is a proud Nantucket Little League Sponsor


The Nantucket Little League promotes healthy physical activity through the games of baseball and softball.  While focusing on teaching the fundamentals of the game in a safe environment.  We are pleased to help this organization that makes such a huge impact on the youth of our community. 

Addiction Solutions of Nantucket

Addiction Solutions of Nantucket is a Medication Assisted Treatment Program. A key component of our program is Doctor prescribed medication designed to begin the process of helping you defeat your addiction. For more information, 

Nantucket Boys &
Girls Club

The Nantucket Boys & Girls Club will be the premier youth development organization by continuing to partner with the island’s children, their families, and other local nonprofit and community organizations. For more information,

National Night Out

National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes strong police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, more caring places to live and work. National Night Out enhances the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances.

Isle Return Program

Isle Return is a voluntary program that benefits residents and visitors with Alzheimer's, autism or other conditions who are at risk of wondering. Caring for someone who wonders is a considerable responsibility. Let the Isle Return program help you or your loved one. For more information,

The Bicycle Safety Program 

Bike Safety is taken very seriously here on Nantucket. You should always wear a helmet whenever you are biking, especially children. The most important  thing to do before riding your bike is to make sure your helmet is fitted properly, as well as worn the correct way. For more information,

Fairwinds Nantucket

We provide comprehensive licensed therapeutic support that fosters mental health through prevention, wellness education and addiction recovery services.

Serving over 600 Nantucket individuals and families to help meet their goals and improve their quality of life.

For more information,

Interested in having the Nantucket Sheriff Office involved in your program?

Giving Back To
Our Public Schools

The Nantucket Island Sheriffs Office and the Harrington family donated white boards to the Nantucket Elementary School. See the full Facebook Post below

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